Leadership for Success Seminar


6:50 pm - 9:00 pm

3 nights │ amazing speakers │ professional networking

Have you ever wondered…

✽ What does “success” really mean?
✽ How can you achieve success?
✽ What are characteristics of the best leaders?
✽ How can you inspire others to follow your vision?

This engaging, highly interactive seminar is presented by Global Leadership Partners, who offer world-class leadership training in more than 20 countries. Speakers use their rich executive experience to give practical advice on applying leadership principles.

Terry Cole
Product Supply Executive

Nick Bogan
Vice President – Senour Flaherty Insurance

Wendell Peck
Teacher, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker

Mike Chaney
Leadership Lecturer, Product Supply Executive



Day 1: Identity of a Leader
Day 2: Leadership Behavior 1
Day 3: Leadership Behavior 2

Professional Mentoring Available

Limited professional mentoring sessions will be offered (as follow-up to this seminar). When you register, you will have an opportunity to express your interest in participating in a virtual mentoring session. This consists of one virtual meeting with a Global Leadership Partner professional and a member of your community.  After the initial meeting, the community member can be a resource and an advocate for you as you continue your studies in the United States.  We will talk more about this opportunity during the seminar.

To learn more about GLP, go to GlobalLeadershipPartners.org.
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